Friday, May 11, 2012

gratitude in pictures

in the past few months i've followed a photo challenge..i was to take a picture that represented the word/s to me..this one in particular's overall goal was gratitude..

while doing this little challenge i kept the word gratitude in my mind..and in the last week it's been appearing over and books and blogs i've been conversations i've had with friends and roommates..and when this reappearance of a concept or a word happens..i get a feeling there must be some deeper meaning to with that are pictures (all but a few were captured in nola) displaying gratitude...

#1 favorite treat: ah the delightfully delicious beignets from cafe du monde

#2 smile: i acquired this business card that says "god you have a beautiful smile" pretty uplifting don't you think? i've noticed a lot of new orleanians have unique business cards

#3 happiness: enjoying one of the many mardi gras parades

#4 leaves: my realization i would not actually miss out on autumn leaves...they would just appear in january

#5 morning sky: the constant sunny sky here always brings beauty to the day

#6 book: reading on the beach is one of my favorite things..what am i reading right now? 'class matters' a sociology book our community is reading together

#7 something funny: teaching my kiddos i tutor how to play go fish..they were very secretive about their cards

#8 inspiring person: my site coordinator..kathy lee with her sidekick thomas

#9 nature

#10 something old: yes i do still have a beloved stuffed animal that traveled to nola with me this year

#11 hands

#12 written word: one of my many books i write quotes in

#13 movement 

#14 animal: i found a hoof print in audubon park where people are able to trail ride...oh how i miss having horses in my life

#15 memories

#16 something new: tutoring graduation was just this past week so i'm going to be missing having those children in my life on a constant basis

#17 best friend: my sister..lauren..who never fails to be all that i could have ever wanted for a sister and best friend

#18 seasonal: since there are hardly four distinct seasons in new orleans..i choose mardi gras season as my favorite 

#19 gratitude: for all that i have learned while living here

#20 artwork: jon absolute favorite blues musician

#21 transportation: a mardi gras float shaped as a street car

#22 daily routine: my musings tumblr which if you are in mood for some quotes and more photos check out

#23 night time: our view from our balcony where we witness some beautiful sunsets

#24 light: my roommate ashley and i..yes the sunlight played a role in this but she also brings quite a bunch of light and joy into my life

#25 self portrait: thomas makes another appearance with this picture of me..say cheese!

if you enjoyed this on the look out in the next few days with my continued thoughts on gratitude..

"count your blessings..once you realize how valuable you are..and how much you have going for you.. the smiles will return..the sun will break out..the music will play..and you will finally be able to move forward the life that god intended for you with grace..strength..courage..and confidence" 
og mandino

peace & love

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  1. Jillian,

    I love all of your photos! Can you make a gallery of all of them? You have such a unique view of the world. Your positivity is radiant and infectious (in a good way :). Thomas and I are so blessed to have you in our lives!

    - k and t